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Comair residential ventilation

In order to counteract energy loss, houses are provided with good insulation and all the chincks are well closed. However, because of these measures, it becomes difficult to have proper supply and exhaust of air. When it isn’t possible for fresh air to come into the building and the house stays filled with polluted air, the living environment becomes far from healthy and comfortable. There is no need to say that this can bring serious damage to the people who live in there.

That is why it is very important to keep your house properly ventilated.

The Comair range for residential ventilation consists of different kinds of fans for central extraction of polluted air and multiple heat recovery units for balanced ventilation.

Together with the unique, patented flexible air distribution system Uniflexplus+ and the insulated pipes and bends Isocomplus+, the Comair fans and heat recovery units offer very complete ventilation solutions to create a healthy and comfortable living environment indoors.

Along with fans and air distribution solutions, the Comair range also offers the required accessories for controlling the units and maintaining the system like controllers, sensors, filters and replacement motorplates.